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By: Freestyle Señorita

Mama is an attitude, smile, swing of a hip or flip of a finger. The Mama girl can hang uptown, or creep downtown. She’s inspired and effortlessly inspires. Shifting from heels to kicks with a sexy swagger. She’s the DJ in SF, B-Girl in LA, Art student in the UK and Editor in NYC—pushing herself to the next level and pushing stubborn boys out of her way.

Feminine without being too girly, street but not thug, the Mama Girl is Always a Lady .

Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee is the founder and designer of Mama, an internationally recognized ladies’ contemporary line with its roots firmly planted in streetwear. Much more than a clothing line, Mama has worked with Adidas, New Era, Montana Colors, Juicy Cosmetics and BijulesNYC to create innovative products that consistently raise the bar. Gabriella is also co-founder of M.I.S.S., a women’s collective and online lifestyle, fashion and art magazine, as well as a partner in the hottest multi-faceted consulting company, Smoke and Mirrors Creative.

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